Coco often sat out the hike

My Coco needed to exercise but would often refuse to leave the truck. Sometimes you really don’t feel like moving but that is when you most need to.

Once in a while she would come with us for a few feet then get in front of me and try to turn me around….reluctant little hiker!Paws in the Desert Cover



Hiking the high desert of Nevada with 5 wonderful dogs was such an inspiring and wonderful adventure. I never would have tried to venture out on my own with rattle snakes and coyotes and who knows what lurking behind every boulder. We began slowly on easy sandy paths not for their sake but for mine. I am over 65 years of age.

It Begins

The dogs were the unlikeliest of instructors. They were so excited to start an adventure in the early mornings that their faces and eyes danced while the message traveled down their little noggins to their tails. Coco, my dog who needed the activity the most, ran for it but the others sat for their Ruff Wear vests and waited by the door. I also was hesitant at first.PICT0048